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When talking about mobile games in the past that were popular to play. Of course, the name of the candy game is definitely one of the mobile games. Because it is a game that is easy to play, fun to play, fun to play. The gameplay is cute. It is themed with candy, gum and different colored sweets. But in this era, there are still a lot of popular people playing with the game and how to play that meets the needs. Can play for all ages. It is the most important candy game in this era.


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also available in the form of Played games for real money Players can make money with this game. Who likes to play online games or online mobile games and is bored and wants to find new games to play, do not have to look for any games. Grab your phone and go back in time to play candy games. Although the style of play seems boring. But I can assure you that you will never feel bored again. Because while you play the game, you will not only have fun. But playing and still earning real cash as well.


game rules

Rules for playing candy game It’s very easy, friends. When entering the game, you will have to choose a level. Let us choose to press enter to enter the game. When you come in You’ll see candies, gum and candy symbols of various colors fill the screen both horizontally and vertically. Then we follow the pattern. move to symbol And the color to match, for example, make the red candy match 3 symbols, whether from the top, bottom or left, right, all of them, just be the same symbol. and make them stick together 3, which is enough. It will become a reward for you.


for instructions on how to play Don’t look for only 3 symbols in a row. But look at the pattern of the game. Is there anywhere that can break consecutively? Because it will help you get a lot of points. For example, on the right, if you slide three reds together, the greens will collide again. So you get a multiplier, a tip or a bonus from playing it. It’s your real cash. The more you break it, the more money you get, as if the jackpot was broken.


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Candy games have simple rules to play, right? Plus, it’s a fun game to play. and earn money Therefore, we would like to recommend you to come and try it out for yourself. To take you back in time with the legendary cute game that was the most popular of one era.


This game is back for you to try now. But it’s not here to bring you entertainment only. But there will be cash prizes for you to come and win money out as well to multiply the fun. and excitement for the players


You will open a new dimension of Play candy games for money or many other fun online games that have a large selection to play. And the most variations There are only a large number of fun and cool games to choose from that you should absolutely not miss in Candy Games.


You can make money Make a lot of profits. Because it’s a very easy game to play. Anyone can play them all. Candy games are therefore classified as one of the hottest money making games right now. Come and join us in throwing back to the most popular mobile games together with us. Play games with cute themes, beautiful visuals, and addictive gameplay.


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